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  • How Would You Tell Parents?

    I have a daycare family that has been with me for a long time. Their 8 year started with me when he was 2 and was with me until he went to kindergarten and after he left their youngest started with me. The 8 year old has come since then on drop in days, not often but has over the last couple years. My group is 4 and you get and I am finding he is just not a good fit for the group anymore and I do t really know how to tell the family this. He doesn't listen well anymore which makes his brother act out and not listen and he is NEVER like that, he is bored as obviously it's feared for all younger and he's just obnoxious says inappropriate things ect. I have never had this issue but I don't want to do drop in with him anymore. I would just say I don't do drop in anymore but I do have another family wsame situation their older daughter used to come and younger sister does but she is a couple years younger plus she's not like that and love when she comes. Help i do t know what to tell them to not offend them.

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    Before I found the forum, I couldn’t understand why people didn’t want to take SA kids for drop-in care/for the summer. You make extra money! Then last summer, I accepted SA kids for the time. It was a huge mistake! If I remember correctly, I announced in July of last year that I wouldn’t do it anymore. LOL There are plenty of summer programs/after school programs in my area for parents to enroll their children in.

    When it comes to drop-in care, I either close for the weather or I remind parents I’m operating at maximum capacity and can’t take any additional children. Drop-in care screws up so much of the day, it adds additional food costs and a bored/grumpy kid. I learned quickly that my sanity is more important to me than any amount of money!

    You could be honest and tell the family he’s simply outgrown your program. Most likely, they will understand. You could soften the blow by looking up programs for him to attend. The Boys & Girls Club is a great option if you have those in your area. Most schools also have an after care program, too. If those options aren’t offered in your area, it’s for the parents to figure out, not you.


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      I would just tell the parents their oldest child has out grown daycare. Let them know his behavior shows your environment isn't meeting his needs and negatively impacts his siblings experience in care. I wouldn't worry about them finding out you still take a different SA child because every kid is different and have different needs.
      I have several DCK's that are in elementary school that I would keep in the summer in a heartbeat if I took SA'ers and a couple I know that I wish I would have booted before they were even SA. lol!

      Just be honest and tell them he isnt happy in daycare and that makes it tough for everyone. As parents, this wont be the first time they are told their child needs something different than what is current. Kids grow and change. So should their environments.