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1yr Old Can’t Self-Soothe?

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  • 1yr Old Can’t Self-Soothe?

    I have a 13 month old that cant seem to self soothe, especially when playing. And cant seem to play independently. Most of the time he just sits next to the toys and crys. He is easily upset too. The moment something doesnt go right with playing, like tumbles over, thats it..hes done playing and cries the rest of the day. Im wondering if he is held a lot at home and/or has a pacifier in his mouth at home. He has come to daycare with it many times.
    how do i get him to play independently? I find it weird that the moment i set him down in the play area after getting dropped off, he cries. The other babies start playing right away like they havent seen these toys before and super excited. Ive had him since he was 3 months, so its not like hes new to me or this daycare.

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    I have so many kids like this lately.... all the way up to some of my 3 and 4 yr olds. Total inability to do anything without adult assistance or an adult being right beside them directing everything minus how to actually breath. In previous years, Id probably just say what your little one is going through is just a phase as it's definitely behavior I've seen before in kids that age but lately it's ALL of them. The parents have all ruined their kids...

    When this happens, it usually signals that it's time to maybe change things up... can you try re-arranging the room or cycling some of the toys around so that daycare "interests" him again? Maybe he is coming down with something.... that time of year in our area and all. Does he cry all day or are there some portions of the day where he is engaged and happy? If there are any times where he is happy and plays, I'd try to figure out what it is about that particular situation that has him interested and try to build off that.

    Have his parents said anything about his behavior being different at home lately?

    I don't know what's going on lately but I'm approaching empty fast so Spring better get here quickly!


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      Its been going on almost 3 months. Ive changed the environment so many times, new toys too! I started seeinf him come with a pacifier and the parent quickly taking it away like i never saw it lol. They are plugging him up for some reason…i wonder how often they do this.