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    What is everyone policy on bringing toys from home? Right now I have a policy that DCKs can bring a stuffed animal or blanket/comfort item for nap time but it goes to the nap room on their cots upon arrival. But I have one DCG who is always bringing toys from home. I do not believe that if a child brings a toy from home that they have to share it. Everyone has to share “my” toys but if it’s theirs, they get a say in how they share it; however, if they are refusing to share with just one person or if it starts causing issues, it gets put up. I have never explicitly put this in my policies but I am about to change my policy that no one can bring outside toys. #1 I feel it introduces more germs from home, #2 it interferes with play because DCG doesn’t want to put her toys down for fear that someone else will touch them so she isolates herself and plays only with her toys all day (at that point, what’s the point of her coming to daycare? Lol) and #3, it usually results in fighting so it gets taken away anyway.
    what’s everyone else’s policies on toys brought from home?

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    I use the "Hotel California" rule in regards to toys and items from home.... they can check in but they can never!

    No, seriously if a child brings a toy from home, it's mine. I tell them this all the time. I've had parents and children test me and I've followed through. I don't want toys from home. We have specific share days/times but kids can't just come and go daily with toys they've brought. Too chaotic and disrespectful in many ways so I don't allow it.

    My parent policy book says:

    "Please do not allow your child to bring toys or items from home. I have spent an enormous amount of time purchasing developmentally appropriate and educational toys/activities for the children in my care.

    When items are brought from home, it can cause undue stress and anxiety for a child. Any item brought into the childcare home becomes my responsibility, so please make sure ALL toys/items from home remain in your vehicle so they do not pose an issue here

    Occasionally a child may be invited to bring something from home for sharing purposes. In these situations, items need to be clearly marked with child's name. These items should also be handed directly to the provider and will then be returned directly from provider to parent upon pick up"

    The reasons go beyond what's mentioned above as toys that are possibly a choking hazard or have small parts and pieces are dangerous, if the toy is expensive, I don't want to pay to replace it if it gets broken and I don't want parents hanging out after pick up looking for a toy that their child lost because they "have" to have it before leaving... etc.

    I do not allow stuffed animals or blankets to be brought back and forth because of the "ick" factor, bed bugs and all that fun stuff. Kids can bring a blanket or stuffed animal upon enrollment but it stays here.

    Basically, items from home are simply tough to deal with and not something I want to engage in with a parent or child so I require parents make it easy on everyone and just leave toys at home.


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      I only allow a snuggle item for nap. It goes straight into their cubby on arrival, and back into the cubby after nap.

      I know it’s not easy, but it’s up to you to enforce your policies. Parents will break them if they can. It took me awhile to get serious about enforcing my policies, because I wanted to be nice, but I’m much happier now!


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        I don’t allow any toys to be brought from home. If they want a stuffed animal to snuggle at nap, it comes in and it stays in their cubby. It doesn’t go home. I don’t want anything passed back and forth.