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State's Crappy Training vs. Higher Ed Course

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  • State's Crappy Training vs. Higher Ed Course

    Hey everyone!

    I haven't been on for a bit and didn't realize stuff moved over to a new forum already! I'm reposting this from the other site:

    I'm going to rant a little so bear with me. I just got off the phone with my state's training/education department. For my license, I need to have so many hours of training per year plus sids. I decided a year ago to enter into the elementary education program at a really good university in my state. I'm minoring in early childhood so I will be able to work in either field. College courses sometimes work toward our training hours but they get to decide whether it's relevant or not to the profession in which many elementary ed classes are not. I'm so pissed about this! I think all classes required for a degree to work with children of all ages should be considered relevant. She even tried to belittle me by using her own masters degree in early childhood as an example. Saying she wouldn't be able to work in the elementary setting since her degree isn't for that. I couldn't help myself and told her my bachelor's in elementary with a specialty minor in early childhood will allow me to work in BOTH! Not that I should have to compare my degree to hers to be considered competent anyway. The lady down the street has been doing daycare for over 30 years and could knock me down with her skillset acquired from experience in the field. A degree isn't everything. Anyway, she said things would likely get more strict as too many providers suck basically. I commented that parents have the choice and final say on where there kid is going for care and they can choose license compliant daycares or "crappy" ones to their heart's content. It's their decision. She threw the "BUT WHO SUFFERS?!" card at me. Then she clutched that card for the entire conversation. Ugh! I'm so mad! Who is "for" allowing parents to make the decision on care up to their personal standards? I am. Why is this even a valid reason to not allow "certain" (most) higher Ed classes not to count. I can assure you, I'm learning much more relevant material in my $2,000 university course than I am in that crappy online training about adding sensory bins full of rocks to my classroom I feel like this is just another way to discourage providers and hold them back from their full potential by not allowing them to grow. A provider should be able to further their education without the state telling them whether it's good enough or not. This seems like just another push to do away with family childcare facilities. Why don't we all just take people's children away at birth and stick them in an extra regulated school to brainwash them to somebody's standards. This is all an argument over an intense and very relevant special education class I took by the way called "understanding individuals with different abilities"
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    It is frustrating. I get it, they decided to completely disregard my degrees and move me to the lowest level of education suddenly after 20 years. They no longer accept anything other than their own classes, that did not exist when I opened my business. I had to go back and take their classes to play the game. They were mind numbing and at a third grade level, but it checked the boxes for them to get their federal funding.

    It isn't about a well trained workforce, it is about *Quality* funding for the state. They just want you to check the boxes, parrot the BS and supply the demographic information they need for their own funding. Their own degree's are not real (don't transfer) so if this house of cards falls they are unemployable, again.


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      Thanks for your response! I didn't even think of the funding... But of course! I worked for a grant based entity at one point. I saw how they functioned off of "data" to keep the money rolling in.