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Late Weekly Payment - We Are Only 3 Months In!!

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  • Late Weekly Payment - We Are Only 3 Months In!!

    Good Morning Friends!! As you can see by the title what my riff is about. Like to hear it, here it goes. I have a dck who has not moved a bowel in over 7 days according to dad. This is concerning to me considering the family went on vacation last Friday and there was no bowel here Thursday. The family came back Tuesday with Mom asking after hours if her child pooped or not. I send home a what I did today sheet everyday that notes all potty situations ,the time, and or look of the contents in the potty. I let her know he did not poop and usually only has a hard doo that he tries his hardest not to let come out because he doesn't want to be potty trained. This was Tuesday . Thursday night mom gave him some kind of spinach drink and only and very small amount came out twice. I forgot to ask her the consistency and how often do I called first thing Friday morning to confirm those to things and suggested he stay home so the family can focus on getting him to poop. She agreed the child would stay home. Fastword hours later around 4:45 I called to check up on the child and remind her of her payment due by 530. I did not receive and answer until almost 730 with her saying she wouldn't be able to do it today, there is alot going on and will I be home tomorrow? By this time I'm furious because her non communication skills are really becoming an annoyance at this time so I haven't even answered her yet. Any advice before I really not give a hoot and escort her through the door? Ps this is her second late payment issue but the first one was only a couple hours after closing, but there are more issues.

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    I don’t tolerate late payments. I charge $5/day late fee.

    My policy now says after the 3rd late payment, I term.


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      Send her a message stating payment is due NO LATER THAN xx date/time so she now owes her regular payment PLUS late fee and if not paid by end of day services are terminated.

      Allowing late payments is a slow walk towards dissolution of the relationship anyways so save yourself the stress and be FIRM in due dates and late fees.

      They clearly don’t respect you so dont worry about disrespecting them.

      My late fee is $25 per calendar day.
      $50 for second late payment
      Immediate termination for 3rd late payment

      I usually don’t allow late payments to go beyond Monday.
      I don’t work for free and don’t want the headache of having to accommodate some one else’s messy budget issues.

      im sorry you are dealing with this


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        Good Morning Friends Update!! Well today after the family cash apps me their fee I will be terming the family. After not hearing from mom until yesterday at 12 after texting her Saturday morning and the excuse had nothing to do with son and his constipation I was just done. She had the option to send cashapp Friday and choose not to do it the text me asking about the 20 dollar late fee added on to her weekly cost. I explained to her that she actually accrued daily late fees and non payment fee and that I was being nice waiving the daily late fee which would have definitely been over 200 dollars including weekly fee. They did not bring some in today but text to say they were sick and that mom or dad won't be able to make it out today. Ciao Bella and good luck to them. Gotta wait on the cashapp first tho smh


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          This is why I don't let them in without payment upfront. No pay. No stay.

          It keeps things fair.