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Discounted Rate for Multiples?

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  • Discounted Rate for Multiples?

    So does anyone do a discounted rate for a family with multiple children? I have someone messaging me about rates for a 2 yo and 3 yo. On one hand I want to do a discounted rate for multiple kids because I know some people do but on the other hand if I do that then I’m taking up 2 spots that could be full rate. What is everyone’s policy on rates for multiple kids from the same family?

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    I ask them which one they want me to feed.

    No. I do not offer sibling discounts. They cost me the same, I charge the same. I have all siblings groups, so I think they understand it just fine. If anything, siblings are harder because they fight more. They never can get away from each other enough.
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      When they leave it’s two spaces to fill as well. Learned my lesson on sibling discounts early in. Not my choice to have 2 littles in care so why should I take a loss in income because of someone else’s choice?

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      I think I kept it way too long. It was a throwback to the 80"s when daycares could not keep their spaces filled when school was out. The sibling discount employed summer staff from the high schools. I was one of them.

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    I have one set of discounted siblings that started with me when I opened and I regret it with inflation. I now realize I’m LOSING $100/month.

    I’ve learned from it and I don’t plan to do it again.
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      I used to offer a discount when I first opened. Eventually, I realized that while I was helping the daycare families financially, I was also cheating myself out of money I could have used for my own family. I ended that practice quickly.


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        Siblings don’t receive discounted care therefore do not receive discounted rates.


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          I let my very first client talk me into that. Never ever again.


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            Our center does a discount for multiples and you only have to pay a one time fee for registration and then in August and January all they have to pay is a supply fee along with whatever their weekly tuition is per week. If they don't pay their tuition, they get a late fee of $5.00 until it's paid
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              Nope. Nope. Nope.

              Siblings come with extra liability, illness sharing potential and income instability.
              If anything, we should charge MORE for siblings.