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    I haven’t looked super into this but just briefly saw it from two different sources that Elon Musk is asking everyone to hold off on all AI research for 6 months. That it’s a danger to society.


    • Annalee
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      @Flyingjewels.....yep but when I think about it, my grandparents said some of the things my generation are saying now so it's been evolving for a lonnnnggggg time; I can remember my mamaw saying her daddy would tell them 'things are changing, what's this world coming to?'. so???

    • Michael
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      We need AI now for content and searching purposes. We are safe as long as we don't allow it to manage our systems. It should advise. AI would be wonderful for uses in law and courts. It come to conclusions when searching through huge volumes of information that even our lawmaker's don't take the time to read. In a world of misinformation, AI can give us a truthful reasoning or understanding from the mass of information that it has access to. Currently we have two sides battling over what is truth and fact, right and wrong. I think most here would say things are upside down. AI would steady the ship.

      If we were to allow AI to manage our systems, such as decide who gets loans and when to limit our energy, that could be disastrous if it were to become sentient and it view people as THE problem. I worry more about when AI is used in robotics. Then we have the Terminator scenario.

    • flyingjewels
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      Good point. Change is always scary when you don’t know the outcomes.


      I would love AI for to stabilize the misinformation. It’s hard to trust anything you read or watch these days.