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Who’s Right? - Does It Realy Matter?

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  • Who’s Right? - Does It Realy Matter?

    I wrote about several years ago about the-coming of two truths. Most would say there is only one truth called “fact”. We now have two sides that are 180 degrees in opposition that live by completely different standards. How can this be?

    You have all seen the illustration of the 6 and 9– where on one perspective argues its a 6 but the person on the other side argues it’s a 9.

    In today’s world, we see opposite sides professing they are right. How could that be? Doesn’t 2+2=5? Yes, it can equal 5 if that is what is taught to its members and the platform or bubble that repeats it, starts believing it. Each faction has a support team for its survival.

    Usually an opposing side works to find a better solution with the other side, but these days those sides are warring factions which make America weaker.

    What is the solution? Here in California, one side says “let them find out how wrong they are by destroying their state” which both sides love. That doesn’t sound like a reasonable solution.

    Either way, I don’t see a good outcome for the current rigidity that divides not only America but the rest of the world. Is war the inevitable lesson that brings normalcy back? I think most people forget how bad things can get

    Maybe we are seeing why history always repeats itself.
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    Time and time again, the histories of leaders in every country I have studied, back to Rome (so far), seem to make the point that the only way to end civil discord within ones own country is to begin or enter a war outside of it.


    • Michael
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      Well let’s see….that list now would include America, Russia, China and just about every other country. WWII happened after the great economic upheaval of the Great Depression. The world economically is suffering. This isn’t looking good and I’m usually considered an optimistic person.

      I did prepare for Y2K, I hope some of that rice is still good.

    • Cat Herder
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      Ha! I hear you. I have been growing my own vegetables for a few years now, Victory Garden style.

      It also happened among the tribes, clans and families in most regions of every country. Humans don't cope well with peace and harmony, it knocks out their motivation and survival instincts. Even if all needs are met, they will find something to fight about. Common goals don't unite like a common enemy. I wish it was not true, but my life has proven it for me. I think someone else coined it the "Catfish in the Fish Barrell Theory" once?

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      The catfish story for anyone who has no idea what I am rattling on about today: