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Lawmakers Say *Everyone, Just Calm Down*

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  • Lawmakers Say *Everyone, Just Calm Down*

    Lawmakers say *everyone, just calm down* - pass legislation to legalize marijuana nationwide

    The House passed legislation to legalize marijuana nationwide and eliminate the longstanding criminal penalties for anyone who distributes or possesses it. Lawmakers passed the bill largely along party lines, 220-204, with three Republicans joining all but two Democrats in support. The measure now goes to the Senate but it’s not clear a bill to broadly legalize marijuana could clear the necessary 60 votes to advance in the Senate. -

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    The marijuana bill is just another diversion from much bigger problems.


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      Not positive, but I think TN is saying NO to marijuana.....and YES, so right, Michael, just a diversion tactic!


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        Anything to keep us occupied and divided. Like usual.


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          It's already legal here. My has town has 8 location open and 5 more that have been approved in a three light town.

          I voted no and don't partake.


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            I used to be against it, but I have never had to pull someone out of car and render aid after they killed a family of five while high on pot.

            Maybe it will free up some resources to go after the stuff that is actually killing folks and destroying communities?

            My general understanding is that *they (govt officials in budgeting, finance) just plan to commercialize, regulate and tax it. *They (govt officials in budgeting, finance) like to take over all private income streams. Why would this market be any different?


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              I think they should legalize it and tax it. It’s natural, the person can’t overdose on it and has many proven health benefits.